About The Event


Word Conference 2020:

The Word and Worship: “...continually offer, through Jesus [the Word], a sacrifice of praise” (Heb 13:15)

The year 2020 is beset by numerous tragic events. Worse of all is this pandemic. Amidst these events we ask: Where is the living Word that has promised us hope, protection and salvation? Even the very structure, i.e. the church, has closed its door for us to hear the Word or celebrate the Word.

This year´s online Word Conference offers you a reflection on the seeming incohorent conclusion of the letter to the Hebrews. Chapter 13 offers us words of encouragement. From the exhortation of worship of God in Chapter 12, mutual love immediately follows. In spite of its rhythmic change, the conclusion is carefully composed to touch upon Christian life.

Verse 15 tells us to continually offer a sacrifice of praise. Two perceptively opposite words. For the word sacrifice would mean giving up what is valuable to you for those who need. And on the other hand, praise is only possible when we receive. Praising is to proclaim God’s presence because of a blessing one receives. Jesus would revolutionize this concept. Jesus would total change its operation by saying that it is when we sacrifice for others, through Jesus, that we truly praise God. It is when we give that we are blessed.

Therefore, the objective of this year’s WordCon is to be able to offer a sacrifice of praise in this midst, in this time. The event encourages the participant to continue to live for the other, without putting ones’ self ahead of the other. Truly, when we compete on who can give more to the other, no one will be wanting. Then, even if the church is closed and liturgical celebrations are distant, we truly worship and praise God by bringing ourselves closer to the needy members of the church in our daily sacrifice. This time of crisis is not a time to ask but a time to give.

The speakers will focus on the Word that gives. Topics will revolve on worship by our action, specially in this time. At the end of the two half-day conference, participants must be lifted and blessed to give. Jesus, His Word, teaches us that true praise comes from sacrifice for others. My praise for the Lord is the sacrifice I make.

The logo represents people gathered around the word. The microphone symbolizes the modern times proclaiming the word. Red is used to signify the fire burning as the word is proclaimed.