About the Event


Gifted to Give:

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the Great.”

(Prov 18:16)

This year, the Philippines celebrates its 500 years of Christianity. The unified formation program for the theme Missio Ad Gentes under the slogan “Gifted to Give”, invites us to reflect on the trifold movement of the celebration. It urges us to follow the journey of the Kaloob, na Sinasaloob at Ipinagkaloob. A pilgrim to the gift of a foreign story of Jesus that is woven into the tapestry of the Philippine story and now begs to be a carpet of the good news offered to the world.

In this year´s Word Conference, the Claretian Missionaries Philippine Province Biblical Apostolate through the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. offers a two (2) halfday virtual program on this topic - Gifted to Give. Following the movement of the Kaloob, na sinasaloob at ipinagkaloob, the Word Conference invites you to look ito four (4) dimensions of the the gift: the gift of the story of Jesus in the Word; the gift of the message expressed in songs; the gift of symbols now institutionalized in church structures and shrines; the gift of communicating to the Divine now invoked in our popular devotions.

We were blessed to hear the gift of a foreign story of Man and through His word we were graced. We were given the gift of a message and through His inspired hymns were given a melody. We were given the gift of symbols and now we dwell in their structures. We were given the gift of prayer and through His invocation we were given a way to communicate through our popular devotions.

The participants of this year’s Word Conference are called to return to our roots, to be renewed to our resolves and to revitalize our responsibilities. It is a call to be grateful of the gift, to recommit to the gift and to be charitable with the gift as we do mission through new evangelization.

This year´s speakers will deal with the topic of the word, music, shrines and churches and popular devotions as gifts of the presence of Jesus. They will share on how these gifts developed and became part of our culture and faith. The speakers will inspire us on how these gifts can be developed as mission for new evangelization to the world.

With hearts burning in the call of the Gift, we invite you to this year’s Word Conference 2021 inspired by Prov 18:16 “A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the Great.”

The logo represents people gathered around the word. The microphone symbolizes the modern times proclaiming the word. Red is used to signify the fire burning as the word is proclaimed.