About the Event


Touch the Word:

“If I just touch His clothing...”

(Mark 5:28)

The theme of the Word Conference 2022 is TOUCHED BY THE WORD: “If I just touch His clothing, I shall get well.” (Mark 5:28). This is inspired by the image of the hemorrhagic woman’s faith as shared by Bishop Renato P. Mayugba, DD, during his talk last Word Conference 2021. In Mark 5: 24-34, the woman prays in her heart that she will get well if she touches His cloak. For the woman, the seam of Jesus’ clothing, the Word living among us, is enough to change her life. For the Word is our source of hope, our source of faith, and our source of joy. Especially in these continued times of isolation and loneliness, times of emphasized difference instead of commonness, and moments of pain. The WORD CONFERENCE 2022 aims that the Word concretely change our lives.


In this same faith experience, the Claretian Missionaries in the Philippines (Fr. Rhoel Gallardo Province), under the care of the Prefecture of the Bible Apostolate and Communications and the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., invite participants to reflect on the inspiring lives of women in the bible whose faith is so great that even the slightest encounter of the Word is enough to change their lives – to touch their lives.


In a hybrid encounter (virtual and face-to-face), let us meet the Word for the WORDCON 2022 on November 30, 2022. Limited and reserved seats will be available for face-to-face encounters, and the virtual talk will be hosted via zoom and seen on our online platforms and partner social media partners.


When we are in touch with the Word, the Word lovingly touches our lives.

The logo represents people gathered around the word. The microphone symbolizes the modern times proclaiming the word. Red is used to signify the fire burning as the word is proclaimed.