Mr. Aurelio ‘Jake’ Joaquin

has a degree from the Institut Supérieur de Pastorale Catéchétique (ISPC), Institut Catholique de Paris, France in 1973. He was the founder and director of PASKA (Pandiyosesis na Sentro ng Katekesis) from 1974-1979 and founder and director of the Christian Neighborhood Communities Program from 1975-1979 in the Diocese of Malolos. He last worked as President and GM of Praxis Fides Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. based in Malolos, Bulacan (1991-2012). He is one of the authors of the book, A Conversation About Life: Points of View on Reproductive Health (2014) and the author of Sumasampalataya Ako: Isang Katesismo (2017), both published by Claretian Publications. Married with two children, both professionals, he lives with wife Sylvia in Sta. Maria, Bulacan.

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